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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today's Toddler-ism

Toddler points to her new digital Dora watch and says, "Mommy, it's time to go to Starbucks (pronounced Star-booooks)."

"Is that so?"

"Yes.  And I've had too many chocolate milks, so this time I want a Gorilla milk."  

And then, like the good-teacher-mom I am, I try to teach her how to say vanilla.  "It's called vanilla.  Va-nil-la milk." 

And she looks at me and says, "Now Mommy, that is a very hard word to say."


  1. Hi A!
    Late lunch b/c we just executed a search warrant and we're plotting our next moves.. Thank you for responding to my comment, I wasn't sure if I freaked you out b/c of Kyle connection! Lol as to toddler's comments! They just kill you with the things they come up with, don't they? My 7 yo dd asked me if there is any whole number you can double to make 9, and I said no, because 9 is an odd number. 4 yo ds piped in and said that's right Mommy, you need an evil number like 6 or 8 to make a double!
    Btw, I am enjoying your blog in the way I used to enjoy ub/yb. Either my kids are getting too old or I am outgrowing those sites (I turn 39 in October). I just can't bear another hhi/how big is your apt/how skinny are you/poll! I can never decide if the women who post those judge-y awful things really are insecure, park avenue size 00s with genius stepford dcs, crystal meth addicted, type 2 diabetic welfare mothers living in Arkansas, or simply educated, middle to upper middle class women who thrive on schadenfreude! Probably some combination thereof, I suspect. The funny thing is, I am also sure that those sites attract a lot of smart, attractive cosmopolitan women who are successful through a combination of hard work, good luck, and being good people (I include myself and you in this category). Yet, much of the time, we are drowned out by the awful ones. As a mom of of a dd, one of the things I hope will evolve along with men's roles in the family, is less jealousy and cattiness among women. Instead of trying to pick each other apart, let's boost each other up. Your all-ivy education does not affect my ability to be successful anymore than someone having a bigger apt does not make apt smaller! For me, anyway, once I stopped comparing myself to other people my age, in my circle, in my career etc and started figuring out how I can make myself better, I have thrived.
    So, I wish you great luck in attracting smart feisty women who want to debate the issues and not compare ring sizes and put you down to make themselves feel better. At the risk of sounding cynical, I think extreme patience will be key in developing that!
    PS: I AM jealous you are going back to college w/o kids. I recently attended an alumni event here in NYC for accepted students at my alma mater and loved chatting about my experience but was also struck by the fact that I was in their shoes 20 years ago, deciding whether or not it was the right place for me and it felt like a minute ago. I feel the same in some ways, yet probably have more in common with their parents! (I think on some level, we all think we could go back and blend in as an undergrad.) But alas, notwithstanding my good skin genes, I cannot pass for 18! Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

  2. Thank you for another thoughtful comment! You need to help me in my movement to get all the sane souls on UB/UBM (and all the intellectually-curious, but fun-loving, souls in this fine city and in this world) to defect and come here! Seriously, please pass the word along about Ivy League Insecurities. And your toddler-ism is hilarious. Please email me at ivyleagueinsecurities@gmail.com if you'd be interested in guest-posting from time to time (anonymously of course, if you'd prefer!)


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