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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Scrumptious Saturday Spread

Enjoy this lavish link buffet, a sweet and savory start to your Saturday. Chock-full of choices and calorie-free, so click away! 

Hilarious Heather Armstrong welcomes an univited house guest in the 34th week of her pregnancy: Fred The Protruding Belly Button.  {Dooce}

Bad mommies unite! A defense of the modern phenomenon of Mommy Confessions.  {Hybrid Mom Insider}

Nanofiction?  Twiction?  Cell-Phone Novels?  Technology is changing what we read and how we read it.  (Where does that leave us writers?) {PC World}

We humans are literally wired to help each other, but what happens when compassion fatigue sets in? {Daddy Dialectic}

Reality is not always roses.  Not every Mother's Day sentiment fits squarely on a pastel Mother's Day Card.  {NYT's Motherlode}

Want to up your happiness and lower your blood pressure?  Then get your hug on.  {The Happiness Project}

Bristol Palin as abstinence advocate?  And Britney Spears should be the voice of virgins. {New York Times Op-Ed}

You know the economy's in shambles when a promising young lawyer turns to prostitution.  {Above The Law}

Spiderman has a son?  I'm ceaselessly amazed by couples who manage to conceive one of each!  {Celebrity Baby Blog}

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