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Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Saturday Shower

100 blue balloons.
36 baby bacon quiches.
1 black Bugaboo.
Countless bellinis.
Endless bubbly.
1 blonde boy on his way.

Congrats, C! 

I can happily host your shower, but I can't offer you too much advice. With four sisters and two daughters, I live in a pink, pink world.

Parents of boys out there, can you pass along your baby boy wisdom to my little sis? Pretty please.


  1. I wish I could have been there, sounds like a ton of fun! When your sisters girls are sitting so nice, reading their books, playing so nice with their dolls and your little tot is jumping off the couch, crashing cars into your coffee table or ruining any nice piece of furniture you have just remember that they will have it harder when their girls are teenagers. Also, get that boy a hockey stick early. With both C and N's competitive nature & athleticism the boy is going to be a great athlete, I just know it!

  2. This story from last weekend I think sums up little boys. My 4 yo son told us he'd learned what homonyms are (from a PBS kids TV show). He explained they are two words that sound the same but mean different things, for example, "pooped," meaning to be tired, and "pooped" as in "the bathroom thing." This was followed by his (and yes, our) hysterical laughter at his clever ability to work bathroom humor into anything! Little boys are charming, and love their mommies like they are perfection. Little boys are incredibly sweet and somehow look like little men when they get haircuts and wear khakis and button downs. Little boys slay you even as they turn their sister's American Girl china teapot. into a weapon. Your sister is in for more joy than she can imagine, little boys are delicious!!


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