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Friday, May 8, 2009

Progress Is Always Pretty

Yes, it's still Friday, so I'm making good on my promise to keep you up to date on the Happy Headache.  And, slowly but surely, it's becoming a headache.  There's that whole issue with the improper-tax-designation-under-city-code-so-we-can't-get-our-electrical-permit-issue.  Oh, and then there is that whole insurance-company-decided-to-all-of-a-sudden-decline-coverage-in-the-middle-or-rather-beginning-of-our-project-issue.  But, really, who's counting? 

After all, demo is done and all the stuff is gone and the place is bare.  A wonderful and ruefully raw blank slate. And I can kind of imagine rooms and furniture and happiness. And any progress (however fraught) is pretty, right?  I think so.

And this morning, I went shopping with my fabulous architect so that we could nail down all the plumbing fixtures because we need the plumbing fixtures or else.  It was an intense task, but I was game.  And how many fixtures did we pick?  Um, zero.  

Until next week, friends...

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