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Friday, May 8, 2009

Chew on This

What if... instead of torturing ourselves with that ever-expanding check list of things we need/want to do, things we are convinced will make us happier creatures, we just relaxed our expectations?  What if we pressed pause for a moment and realized that maybe, just maybe, we might be fine with what we have. Hmmm... Novel concept worth chewing on. Check out Judith Warner's honest and humorous treatment of this "culture-clashing, anachronistic, out-of-this-world concept," namely the notion that we should  "know [our] limits" in her  Not-So-Great Expectations over at NYT's Domestic Disturbances.  What do you think? 

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  1. A,
    Great link, thank you! I love Judith Warner's column and love the idea of relaxing my expectations about myself in theory. However, just this morning, I was annoyed with myself b/c had I scheduled my debriefing for 11, I could have fit in a 6 mile run after my 7:30 meeting and dd's school let out at 8:45. B/c of the yucky weather this week, unless I run tonight, it means I will have only run 3X this week, not 4. And I'm the person 2 years ago who only owned fashion sneakers! Putting aside the fact that I really enjoy my running, even though I am glacially slow, a one legged man once passed me, I swear, it struck me that I need to give myself a break. I still think I could be that much prettier, skinnier, a woman, more successful an attorney and more doting and supportive a mom if only I put more effort into things. Not that I am failing at any of these things, but I have so much more I can do to be the best I can be, I think. Life and rain do sometimes get in the way and I need to remember I can't control everything. I'm working on this.

    On the lying front, I am a good bluffer in "target" debriefings but would never be able to live with lying as a lifestyle as so many of my white collar defendants do. I think, like you, I could never have taken an umbrella from the hotel and I would have done exactly the same thingin the interview. At Au bar, I might have deflected, how old do I look, that's what I did do when I was 14, with my dad in a London casino (my parents' divorce created travel experiences designed in part to annoy my poor mother). On the other hand, my target lied through at his teeth at me and my investigators this morning despite the fact that we confronted him with documents that proved he was full of it and I swear, that galled me even more. I almost get insulted, as if do you really I am that dumb, if you are going to lie, at least come up with something plausible!
    I am flattered by your guest post offer, I will email you to get more details/give you my thoughts on increasing the traffic. Keep up the great blogging, even if it just us, selfishly, for me at least, it's been great, though I promise to spread the word!


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