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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Simply Brilliant (& Scary)

Do you want to become a better you?

I know. I know. This question might make you shiver or cringe or roll your eyes. But answer it anyway.

Most questions do not have right answers. But this one does. The answer: YES.

If you do not answer this simple question in the affirmative, you are either (1) delusional (because you think you are the most perfect you); or (2) lazy (because you don't want to bother).

But the biggest question is HOW. How do we become better versions of our perfectly imperfect selves? Leave it to the ever-wise Danielle LaPorte over at White Hot Truth to take a crack at this one. LaPorte offers 11 Slightly Scary Ways to Become a Better You and they are well-worth checking out. A few of my favorites involve standing in front of a mirror naked, underachieving, and saying no. My least favorite? Choosing silence. We all know how I feel about silence.

What do you think about this eleven step program for personal betterment? Have any scintillating, but scary steps to add to the list?

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