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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Safe Travels, T!

I just put my youngest sister (and her robust suitcase which thankfully has wheels) into a taxi headed for JFK. She's off to Africa for two weeks to volunteer at a daycare center where she will work with underprivileged kids, aged 0-6. As I waved goodbye, I felt those maternal flutters of fear and pride. Maternal because she is ten years younger than I am and the baby of the family. Fear because she is young and beautiful and headed far, far away and because I worry about almost everything. Pride because she is young and beautiful and has an adventurous spirit and a huge heart. 

Safe travels, T! Keep a journal. Take pictures. Have fun. And if you have any sudden Angelina-esque urges to bring home a cute African tot, try to resist! For at least a year or two. A baby, however precious, will likely interfere with your senior year. As Mom says, love you to pieces!

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