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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dear Baby #4

Dear Baby #4,

Daddy says I'm not allowed to have you. That only three kids fit in a rental car. Your Daddy is so sane and practical. And unfair. I will work on him.

Insecurely yours,


  1. You are a brave soul! I have been teetering on #3 for years but have probably decided against it. I'm too scared to press our luck as my son and daughter are so amazing, I feel like I custom ordered them. (I also have an autistic brother). Our deadline for deciding is my 40th birthday, so we have less than a year and a half to decide .... Fwiw, I'm thinking the pursuit of #4 is the perfect way to use that Columbia law degree of yours!

  2. I've got another caveat to add: as I found out last night, it's tough to fit more than one adult and three children in a king-sized bed without someone getting hurt. Trust me, I'm aching for a #4 too, but I am starting to think that it's n ot meant to be.


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